One thought on “How sustainable is Kite Hill Butter?

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    Kite Hill butter is now on sale at the Grocery Outlet for $1.50 per 8-ounce tub – that’s 75% off the normal price. So, if you normally use conventional dairy butter (or vegan butter that’s made from palm oil that you’re not certain is ethically sourced) it’s a good time to try out Kite Hill’s vegan butter. I had originally scored Kite Hill 3 Green Stars but on further reflection I think it deserves an ethical rating of 3.5 Green Stars. The upgrade is largely based on the fact that the product works well as a replacement for conventional butter, hence helping more people to make a switch from animal products. Listening to a podcast featuring Patrick Brown (co-founder of Kite Hill and Impossible Foods), it’s clear that this is his main goal in life now. I’m hoping that other improvements to the product will come with time (see the original post below for details on the rating).


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