The Green Stars Project (GSP) is the sister site to this one and it’s main focus is to provide information about ethical consumerism, and to start a grassroots movement. Here are a few bits and pieces from that site to give you an introduction.

The Green Stars Project:

User-Generated Reviews for Ethical Consumerism.

Collective Decision-Making for the Planet.

A Crowd-Sourced Ethical Shopping Guide.

The Green Stars Project (GSP) is a simple idea for dealing with unethical corporate practices by impacting companies at their most sensitive point: revenue.

What is ethical consumerism?

1.     Ethical consumerism means consuming less

2.     It’s your personal ethics statement

3.     It is the most fundamental form of activism

4.     It’s the most effective way to make corporations responsible

5.     It is a civic duty

6.     Ethical consumerism is possible under capitalism

How we tend to use resources: wantonly, until the supply becomes limited

Goal of the Green Stars Project:

To amend the widespread gold star rating system by incorporating a second independent green star rating system based on social and environmental impact.

What will the GSP achieve:

  1. It will create a culture where we think about the upstream and downstream impacts of our purchases just as much as quality and price of the product or service.
  2. It will provide a medium that allows us to vote as consumers for the companies and products that we believe represent a better future for the planet and its inhabitants (and influence other consumers in turn).
  3. It will be a highly-visible platform for us to share information on corporate activities that we believe are not beneficial for society and the planet (and again educate and influence other consumers).

What can I do? 

Start writing reviews of the products or companies on any site that you like (retailers such as Amazon or review sites such as Yelp) incorporating both the traditional gold star rating and the new green star rating.

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