Welcome to the site for discovering ethical bargains at the Grocery Outlet!

You may be wondering why on earth I’ve started a site on such a specific topic.

Good question! Well, hopefully it’ll become apparent over time but here are a few reasons:

  • The Grocery Outlet is becoming popular as a fun store for shopping for bargains.
  • Store inventory changes fast so there’s always something new to discover.
  • Stores feature products by newer brands, many of which are actually pretty ethical.
  • Our current Covid-19 pandemic is hurting many people, economically, so it’s important to show that we can find ethical products on a budget.

The idea came to me during the summer after I wrote an ethical review of the Grocery Outlet on my ethical consumerism site, the Green Stars Project.

The blog will highlight products that I purchased at the Grocery Outlet and take a look at how they rate ethically, that is for social and environmental impact.

A few important things to point out:

  • Like it’s sister site, The Green Stars Project, this is a non-profit blog and project.
  • That means that I won’t be doing any sponsored posts on this site.
  • Nor will I be looking for any kind of sponsorship from the Grocery Outlet.
  • Being impartial is central to the goal of assigning ethical ratings to products.

One of the goals here is to start a culture where we really start to think about the impact of the items we buy and the companies we support. If this year has taught us anything it’s that our social and environmental issues need to become front and center in our lives.

Published by jkaybay

I have two sites, both focused on ethical consumerism. The Green Stars Project (https://greenstarsproject.org/) aims to start a movement based on crowd-sourced ethical ratings. Ethical Bargains (https://ethicalbargains.org/) is focused on new products that I've bought at the Grocery Outlet.

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