Hemp Yeah! Hemp seed bars review

I bought hemp seed bars from Canadian brand, Hemp Yeah!, at the Grocery Outlet and they’ve become some of my favorite seed-based energy bars. Hemp Yeah! is a line of hemp-based products from Manitoba Harvest, several of which are available on discount at the Grocery Outlet. I’m giving the hemp seed bars 4.5 Green Stars for social and environmental impact.

So Delicious Chocolate Chip Mousse

I bought So Delicious chocolate chip mousse at the Grocery Outlet and highly recommend it – it’s a vanilla mouse mixed with delicious flakes of chocolate. It contains much less sugar and fat than normal ice cream, and zero trans fats. It’s also vegan and partly organic, earning 4 Green Stars for social and environmental impact.

Back to Nature cookies – ethical review

I bought two types of Back to Nature cookies at the Grocery Outlet last week – chocolate chip and classic creme. These cookies are entirely vegan but the company lacks transparency on ingredient sourcing. So it’s a mixed review, with the Chocolate Chunk the Classic Creme cookies getting ethical scores of 3.5 Green Stars and 3 Green Stars, respectively.

Deschutes Obsidian Stout

I picked up a six-pack of Deschutes Obsidian Stout at the Grocery outlet a week ago. It’s ranked 8th on Beer Advocate’s list of the best American stouts. Overall, I think that Deschutes Obsidian Stout deserves a regular rating of 4 gold stars and an ethical rating of 4.5 Green Stars for social and environmental impact.

Califia Protein Oat milk – sustainability

I picked up a bottle of Califia Protein Oat milk at the Grocery outlet a week ago for $2 – it’s normally $6 at other stores. The Califia Protein Oat milk worked really well in my coffee and tea – it’s similar to Oatly, which I’ve also bought at the Grocery Outlet. Overall, I think that Califia Protein Oat milk deserves 4 Green Stars for social and environmental impact.

Purely Elizabeth Peanut Butter bar

They are marketed as Whole Food Nut + Seed Bars, and the ingredient list verifies this: peanuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower kernels are the top three ingredients and they also contain hemp and chia seeds and almond meal. Overall, I think that Purely Elizabeth bars deserve 4.5 Green Stars for social and environmental impact

Beyond Sausage at the Grocery Outlet

Visiting the Grocery Outlet in October, I was most excited to find Beyond Meat sausages on sale for $3.49 – the Sweet Italian flavor of Beyond Sausage. I found three things are important to keep in mind when preparing them.