So Delicious Chocolate Chip Mousse

I bought So Delicious chocolate chip mousse at the Grocery Outlet and highly recommend it – it’s a vanilla mouse mixed with delicious flakes of chocolate. It contains much less sugar and fat than normal ice cream, and zero trans fats. It’s also vegan and partly organic, earning 4 Green Stars for social and environmental impact.

Back to Nature cookies – ethical review

I bought two types of Back to Nature cookies at the Grocery Outlet last week – chocolate chip and classic creme. These cookies are entirely vegan but the company lacks transparency on ingredient sourcing. So it’s a mixed review, with the Chocolate Chunk the Classic Creme cookies getting ethical scores of 3.5 Green Stars and 3 Green Stars, respectively.

Clif Bars – sustainability and ethical review

I bought a box of Clif Chocolate Peanut Butter bars at the Grocery Outlet last week, from Clif Bar’s Sweet and Satly range. Overall, I think that Clif bar has been a leader in climate action and deserves an ethical score of 4.5 Green Stars for social and environmental impact.

Alter Eco Salted Caramel Truffles

Just in time for the holidays – Alter Eco Salted Caramel Truffles are on sale at the Grocery Outlet. From support of sustainable agriculture to the development of compostable sweet wrappers, this product deserves 5 Green Stars for social and environmental impact. This is the first company so far on Ethical Bargains to achieve a perfect score!

Purely Elizabeth Peanut Butter bar

They are marketed as Whole Food Nut + Seed Bars, and the ingredient list verifies this: peanuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower kernels are the top three ingredients and they also contain hemp and chia seeds and almond meal. Overall, I think that Purely Elizabeth bars deserve 4.5 Green Stars for social and environmental impact